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 Clan wars debriefing

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PostSubject: Clan wars debriefing   Clan wars debriefing Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 12:43 am

So For those of you that are new to clan wars I will give a quick run down of how they work. For new clans or clans that dont have any land, we have to begin on certain provinces that are marked as landing provinces. Only clans that DO NOT have land can attack landing provinces. Any number of clans can apply for the landing and then they will enter a tournament to attempt to win the land. Each province also has a "Prime Time" for battles, so whatever the Prime time is during the day is when any battles or landings can occur in that province. For a landing tounamnet, all clans will battle down to 1 finalist clan. The Finalists will then face the current land owners for the rights to own the land. Once a clan owns land they can no longer make landing attempts until they lose all their land. Once you own land then the goal is to try and expand and acquire as many adjacent provinces as we can.

Why do we even want land?
Well each province has a gold income per day. It can be between 200 gold to 2000 gold per day. The clan gets paid 1/24 of the daily income everyhour we hold the land. Then we spread the loot to our clan members. Also owning land for a clan can be prestigous for a clan and is extremly fun for a lot of guys, including myself.

Clan wars is the epitomy of team work, startegy, and preparation that WOT has to offer. It is quite exciting and also very difficult. For as much preparation we do other clans will have done the same so it can really come down to two well orchestrated teams duking it out.

Some things to consider: Our goal is to acquire land and be competitive on the global map and at the same time have fun doing it. But on that same token once we really start taking CW seriously we do have to take the best tanks that are available to us to win. So please dont upset or think we think you are not a good player if you are not picked for clan wars everynight. Eveybody will get plenty of opportunities to play, but to maximise your eplay time in CW we really need those Tier 10 heavies and tier 8 arties. TD's and meds do have thier place in clan wars, but depending on the map only a couple or usually utilized in a clan match. So for those of you that do not have top tier tanks yet, dont fret. Just keep the grind going and we will get you into as many clan matches as possible. Once we get going here we can easily have 2 to 4 landings a night so everubody should get lots of opportunties to play.

Anyway I think I have typed enough. If you guys have anymore questions feel free ask and I will answer as soon as I can. Unfortunatly it is looking like I wont be there with you guys on tuesday, so Omni will be leading the charge. Good luck gentlemen.
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Clan wars debriefing
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